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  • When they smell the herbs

    Through various activities, participants will raise awareness about herbs, organic food, climate change, environmental sustainability...

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  • Organic lavender

    The basis for quality production is organic production, and we also increase sustainability awareness by choosing packaging that can be recycled.

  • Free shipping

    For purchases over €50, we offer you free shipping within Slovenia.

  • "I love lavender and its products. The hydrosol and oil are excellent, they smell nice and are nice to spread. The tea is really soothing."

    - Tanya

  • "Very friendly, I haven't been to a nicer place in a long time"

    - Mina
  • "It smells amazing and it refreshes and nourishes my skin wonderfully."

    - Vesna
  • I ordered lavender tea for the first time and it really soothes. It is also very good and smells great.

    - Janja

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Checked quality

Starting in 2020, we also send lavender products to international evaluations of herbal products. In three years, we received 3 quality champions for Culinary Lavender, Lavender Syrup and BIO face ointment. Other products received gold awards, which confirm our efforts to achieve the highest quality. Acknowledgments are an incentive for further work and confirmation that our commitment to quality is a priority.

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Live fully and relaxed

The fast pace of life, high expectations and demands expose us to excessive stress, which negatively affects our health. With Blue Hill premium lavender products, we will be more focused and ready for new challenges.

Relaxing roll on

Feel nature in every drop

BIO true lavender hydrolat  is a completely organic and Slovenian product that impresses with the power of nature.

Learn about its positive effects and join our family of satisfied users.

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True lavender takes you away

to an unforgettable fragrant experience

  • Own production

    All Blue Hill products contain true lavender, which is grown on the organic estate in Topolšica.

  • Hand harvesting

    Hand harvesting ensures a high quality aroma and a high content of active ingredients. Therefore, the quality of the finished product is also high.

  • High quality ingredients

    When preparing skin care products with lavender, we use high-quality ingredients with verified origins.

  • Award-winning quality

    An objective evaluation of our work means a lot to us, which is why we send products to evaluations, where we receive high awards for all products.