Hidrolat prave sivke

True lavender hydrosol

In this post, you can read about all the possible ways of use that true lavender hydrosol allows. It should be noted that not every hydrolate is suitable for every type of use, so you should check its origin, production method and instructions for use.
Hydrolat, or flower water, and essential oil are products of the steam distillation of lavender. Hydrolat contains water-soluble aromatic and medicinal plant substances. Hydrolates are an important medicinal material and have an extremely wide range of uses. We use them in cosmetic preparations, skin care preparations and when essential oils would be too harsh for our skin.
Skin and hair
Because true lavender hydrolate has an antiseptic effect, it is welcome for all skin problems, including acne, eczema, insect bites and burns. Lavender hydrosol is gentle and regulates all skin types, cools in the summer heat, soothes sunburns and shaving cuts. Gently and safely cleans and tones oily, dry and mature skin. It is used to clean and soften the skin of the face and hair. It also strengthens the hair. It is also very useful as an anti-pain and anti-swelling compress in case of insect bites.
Mental well-being
On the psychological side, lavender hydrolate relaxes and revitalizes. Eliminates headaches, stress and mental exhaustion. It also soothes children. After bathing, you can apply this hydrolate or add it directly to the bath. A tablespoon or two will do.
Lavender hydrolate has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It can be used to gargle with problems with the vocal cords. It is also useful as an ingredient in lotions and creams to eliminate rheumatism and to clean wounds.
Hydrolat can also be used as an addition to lemonade. Add one or two tablespoons of hydrolat to a jug of lemonade, and the drink can be further brightened up with a few flowers of real lavender.
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